Through Her Eyes…

One thing about being a Mama that I truly enjoy is seeing life through my daughters point of view. No matter what we are doing; everything seems like such a big deal to her. Her reaction when she sees something for the first time is what I live for. The way she asks questions about things that intrigue her, seeing her hold conversations, laughing, enjoying life, is seriously the most rewarding part of being her Mom. Yet, nobody really prepares you for the way life becomes when you have a little to look after. That’s because its different for everyone. Some have daily routines, some live day to day going with the flow, and some (like me) take the chaos as it comes and wing it with what works for you. I’ve noticed lately that my patience is running a bit thin. Sure, I am 8 months pregnant and being moody comes along with it. No one said transitioning from one little to two would be a walk in the park. That doesn’t mean I am not going to try and perfect every little detail along the way… Today I learned that this might be what is causing me to lose my patience: PERFECTION. “It doesn’t exist,” so I’m told. I believe that it may not exist as a way of life but does exist inside my little. Obviously, this may be a biased opinion to some cause I am her Mother but that doesn’t change how I feel. From the moment I laid my eyes on her; I knew what “perfect” was. So, what I am here to remind myself today is that no matter how tough being a Mama can be all the struggle is worth it when I am with her. Seeing life through her eyes takes all my worries away. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

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4 responses to “Through Her Eyes…”

  1. Parent On Board Avatar
    Parent On Board

    This is so sweet. I love your letter. All our little ones are perfect in our eyes even though they are crazy chaotic and don’t listen most of the time. Enjoy your time together before the second baby comes. The second one will create a whole new world of chaos and perfection.

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  2. This is so beautiful and lovely to read. I believe that the unconditional love that our children and loved ones share with us is absolutely perfect. Seeing life through someone else’s eyes is beautiful and selfless. You’re an awesome mama.

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  3. This is so well written and captures one of the best parts of parenting! I love the things they’re amazed by. I also loved that I’m so amazed at their amazement!

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    1. Its great to try and see life from their point of view! Such a fun and exciting thing as a Mama to watch their little face expressions!


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