Hospital Bag For Baby

One thing that I have been looking forward to this pregnancy is packing our diaper bag for the hospital! The fun of putting all the little outfits together and imagining how your fresh newborn baby will look in the clothes you have picked out for them. Its almost a bitter sweet moment for me as I sat and packed the hospital bag today. I kept thinking about how I will no longer be pregnant anymore and how I will miss my bump. Yes, having her here in my arms is much more anticipated but her wiggling around inside is such a sweet feeling. I know she is safe and protected in my belly!

Today I want to share all the items I am packing for our hospital stay. The first thing I want to rave about is this gorgeous diaper bag from Itzy Ritzy. It is not your average diaper bag. I am the type of Mama who will literally pack my entire house while on the go (tell me I’m not alone?!) this bag makes that easy with all the room it has for everything you need and more. It has many pockets, the inside is so deep, it comes with a changing pad and stroller straps that can be removed. The quality of it is AMAZING, I know that this will last for years to come. I love that its a backpack! This feature makes life easier for Moms and Dads to be hands free while on the go.

Next item is swaddles! Literally one of my favorite baby items. I have two swaddles packed, one is a solid pink while the other has a pattern of peaches. These swaddles are made by Copper Pearl and are a must for babies. They are soft, stretchy, cozy, and all the prints they come in are to die for! I also got a car-seat cover in the peach print to match. Another brand that I truly love is Aden + Anais swaddles. I have plenty of these handy at home as well.

Lets talk clothes; I have 3 long sleeved onsies, 2 gowns (amazing for those late night diaper changes), and of course her coming home outfit. With my first pregnancy I definitely over packed for my little. Of course I was a first time Mama and felt like I needed everything but this time around I am keeping it light and simple. Some other items I will be bringing are: the Haakaa silicone breast pump, this is perfect for catching all the breast milk that may leak while baby is nursing. A cocoon swaddle by Itzy Ritzy that also comes with an adorable announcement name card. I will have my own set of wipes just in case the hospital doesn’t provide them (usually they have diapers and wipes available), a small bottle of hand sanitizer for when big sister comes to visit, and of course our much loved Ryan & Rose pacifiers and cutie clips to match her outfits.

Now that I have her bag packed and ready I am going to start on mine and my partners bag! If you have any suggestions or if there is a holy grail that you want to share with me feel free to comment and let me know!

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17 responses to “Hospital Bag For Baby”

  1. Love your list. Definitely all the items that baby will need for the first few days of life.

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  2. Great article. I think you covered all the bases the little one might need in the first few days of life.

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  3. So much fun! Love all that pink. I never got to pack a back with all those fun girly things seeing I have three boys so it makes me kind of jealous 🙂 Don’t forget fun goodies for you. Something that helped me was a sleep mask! It helped me get as much sleep as I could. And nipple cream, nursing pads and super comfy jammies. Good luck with everything!

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  4. You got some great stuff in there! I love copper pearl they are probably one of my favorite brands! They have the softest and strongest products in my opinion!

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  5. Live Well Choose Joy Avatar
    Live Well Choose Joy

    Sounds well planned and also very exciting! Good luck!

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  6. EEE! I’m sure your excitement is building! Congrats! And those outfits….SO CUTE.

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  7. Cute little outfits for the baby – hope everything goes well for you.

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  8. You’ve chosen gorgeous outfits for your little one. I’m looking forward to new posts after she’s arrived.

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  9. This is a great list of things for your baby’s hospital bag. I love all the pink items!

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  10. Those are definitely items that I would’ve needed during the first time I got pregnant. Those are great items to have and I am prepared as well during my second round.

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  11. What a lovely post! I don’t have kids yet but it definitely made me think how good the anticipation of the baby is!


  12. The baby bag was such an exciting part, packing it before the big day came made me feel like things were getting so real! Although mine wasn’t nearly as stylised as yours. I LOVE the backpack idea and all of your items are fantastic!

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  13. Your list is great- I think the swaddlers are adorable! And great addition of the manual pump- just in case!

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  14. We recently found out we are expecting and I already forget what went in my hospital bag with my first. I will be saving this for later!

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  15. Great and essential tips you have here. Sometimes, the excitement makes one to forget what should be packed and not packed.
    These lists are very vital and useful.

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  16. Congratulations on your new little addition! So exciting! This is a great list and sounds like you’re ready to go!

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  17. This is such a helpful post for first time moms. I remember my first pregnancy that I was so lost on what to include in our hospital bag.

    Shared this to my bestfriend who’s about to give birth next month. Thank you for this!

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