One of the toughest hoods you’ll ever go through.

This past Sunday we attended church. We try to make it every Sunday, but you know.. Life gets in the way. It was our first time attending in a couple weeks and the service spoke to me more this time than it usually does. You see, being pregnant takes a huge toll on a woman’s body. So what once was my normal is no longer existent. From cleaning, to being consistent with healthy meals, sleep, even attending church has become hard. My body this time around is restless and tired; things that seem easy to others are not so easy for me. With that being said one major thing I have been feeling is frustration. This frustration stems from feeling defeated in my daily routine. We all know as a parent frustration comes naturally of course. My frustration though, runs much deeper because of all my extra hormones that pregnancy has blessed me with.

At church the service was about “love.” All the aspects of love should be done with patience and kindness, it is not self-seeking nor driven by anger. Being a mother love comes naturally for your littles. Its a feeling you feel instantly and it never fades; only grows. Sometimes though, our littles like to test the limits of our patience. They do things that they know are going to get a reaction out of you. I’m not exactly sure why this is but it drives me crazy. My daughter Sage has a very stubborn personality and loves to be in charge of everything. I get it, you have your own voice so why not put it to use? I’m not against her having independence but sometimes she forgets that she is only five. This is where parenting becomes a challenge because she would rather listen to herself than her parents.

I often forget that that frustration can negatively affect the way you parent. I lose sight of what is and act out with a little anger and all my patience is gone. These past 8 months have been a struggle when it comes to being the best Mama I can be. The church service really put things into perspective for me and I have been trying to clear my head before reacting to things Sage says or does. So thank you God, for being the reminder that I truly needed in my life right now. Remember that no one is a perfect parent and all these feelings are normal to feel. Guilt can play a huge factor at the end of the day, just know that tomorrow is a new day for you to give your littles all the hugs and kisses that they deserve!

Love is kind. Love is patient. Love is pure.

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26 thoughts on “Parenthood”

  1. Unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with a manual and all children are different. My two girls are very different and require different things from my wife and me as parents. And they can both be downright frustrating at times but patience is part of what we signed up. I’m glad you found that message in church. Our kids test us constantly but it’s our job to help them be the best person they can be and set them on the right path.

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  2. What a beautiful passage! Everyone should love their bodies and I am so happy you shared this with your readers. Perfect parent and perfect lives are a dream and we need to push each other to do our best every day.

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  3. Oh I can relate to this 100%!!! I’m three months pregnant with our third, and I’m really struggling to keep my cool with my other two kids. I’ve also been missing church thanks to a lot of morning sickness… I’m hoping it gets better moving forward! God’s grace is abundant! Blessings!

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    1. Its crazy how fast life flips upside down from being pregnant! Good thing its for 9 months, if it were any longer I don’t think I would survive! I hope the rest of your days being preggo come much easier!


  4. I love your honesty. It must be hard to be calm and patient when you’re so tired and worn out. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.

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  5. Hi! Great post!
    Even though I am not a parent from what I have seen my own parents doing and how it was for them, parenting is something very difficult and there is no guide for it. And it can be even harder while you are pregnant.
    But I hope this post inspired other people, so thank you for sharing your experience.

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  6. I’m not yet a parent but I could imagine how challenging it is to be a parent in a way without overdoing parenting or hurting kids’ feelings. By all means, this post is inspirational and thoughtful. 🙂

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  7. managing frustration and how it affects us daily is really difficult! I applaud you because I understand parenting is no easy work. And as I read what you wrote I could see how much that affected you and how well you are managing everything! You seemed like a great mom to me! congrats!

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  8. Yeah, that guilt thing can really get to me. Especially at night when I seem to think of all the mistakes I made. Sometimes when I read my Bible in the morning, God brings to my mind the realization that He loves me just as much as He loves my kids. Sometimes I forget that. Actually, I forget it a lot. But it’s a comforting thought. Just like I extend grace to my kids, God extends grace to me. What’s hard is extending grace to yourself.

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  9. I am not a parent, nor do I intend to be one. I don’t have a nurturing bone in my body. But I can admire the difficulty that parents go through, and I love your honesty about it. There is no manual for raising kids, and every one of them is different.

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  10. I think there are a lot of ways to be a parent, each of them is correct in a way. I am not a parent but I hope I will soon enough, I hope we are free with our choices as parent

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  11. Especially when you are pregnant…the slightest thing annoys me! I like that you don’t hold on to it and let it go and just try again the next day. That is such a good mentality to have.

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  12. I’m not a parent, maybe one day. I love your sincerity and honesty about parenting and pregnancy. All too often I hear that it’s all rainbow and sunshine on social media. It’s refreshing to be told the truth

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  13. Great post, I agree parenting can get pretty hard and frustrating but it is always good to sit down and reflect on all the good that comes from parenting and then the little frustrating things don’t seem so bad.


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