5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mama

Welcome back to Life Chasing Littles!

Today I’m here to talk about all the things that I wish I knew before becoming a Mom. I narrowed it down to my top 5 reasons. It was tough because this list can go on and on forever but I managed to pick the ones that are most important to me. If you’re a Mama already you may relate, if not you might find yourself back here reading this post again and again!

1. Love was once just a word.

Sure, you love your parents. Your siblings, cousins, grandparents, and friends. They love you as well. The type of love I am talking about though, is something you never knew existed. Its a feeling that is rooted deep down into you the second you become a Mama. This love is emotional, its powerful, its breathtaking. At times its overwhelming because it radiates so vigorously you are not sure what to do with it. Your little has given you a new meaning of love, a love so real.

2. Time flies by.

You find out your pregnant and share the good news with your significant other, family, and friends. Those 9 months come and go; before you know it you are giving birth to a beautiful little human you once nurtured inside you. After birth, you adjust to becoming a parent and healing you forget to stop and live in that moment with your newborn. Life moves quickly and before you can even blink your little baby is now a walking, talking, hurricane of joy. Take the time to stop whatever you are doing and embrace even the smallest moments with your littles as much as you can. Kiss, hug, laugh, make memories, because time doesn’t stand still.

3. The mess can wait.

This one ties in with #2. While you are busy cleaning up your “messy” house precious time with your little is ticking. No matter how many dishes you have sitting in the sink, how many loads of laundry are sitting clean in a pile somewhere, or vacuuming up all those crumbs that dropped on the floor; the mess can wait. I’m not saying to never clean, I’m simply stating that no matter what a mess will always be there but time spent hanging out as a family will fade. So put down that broom and take out a board game, make some popcorn and enjoy each other while you can.

4. Being a Mama can be isolating.

All those amazing friends you once had; vanish. The universe starts weaving them out one by one until there are none left. For me, this was a blessing in disguise. Before becoming a Mama I had no control over who I was as a person and my choice of friends didn’t help. Once I had my daughter my “friends” would pop in here and there until I finally realized we live such different lives that I needed to move on. After all, I would rather spend my Friday nights eating ice cream, watching Disney movies with my new besties that will be by my side forever than go out with people who only care about a good time for themselves.

5. You will spend hours to get them to bed…

Only to find yourself missing them once they are asleep. Bedtime is every parents favorite part of the day. You finally have time to unwind from that long day at work, sit down with your partner, grab some wine, put on some Netflix and literally chill. Until one of you mentions that cute thing your little said or did earlier that day. That is when you get an urge of going into their room and waking them up with tons of kisses all over because you miss their little faces. At the end of the day all that you really want to do is be around your littles no matter how crazy they may drive you.

These are all things that I “wish” I knew before becoming a Mama but I have to be a little honest. Even if I happened to know these things it still would never be enough. No amount of advice could compare to the reality of being a Mama.

Thank you for stopping by…

Much love,



10 responses to “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mama”

  1. Your so right about what you wrote!! I love reading your posts there up lifting!! Keep going and keep posting!! ❤🤗

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    1. Thabks for reading 😘😍


  2. Yes, yes, and yes! So agree with all these points. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    1. Thank you for reading! I’m glad you agree 🙌


  3. Every single one of these is so true and I’m living at right now! Happy to know I’m not alone

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  4. Well said however you are rite “No amount of advice could compare to the reality of being a Mama”. Thank you.

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  5. Two and three are so important. You always hear that time flies but you don’t realize how much until you’re a mom. Which is exactly why you sometimes have to let the mess be and just enjoy the moment.

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  6. These are so very true! I spent a lot of years not knowing if I wanted kids and now the all consuming love I feel for my baby boy is unbelievable! Great post!

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  7. Soooo very true. Especially the mess can wait. That one is tough. I get so wrapped up in cleaning, working doing all the things and then i feel so guilty knowing I haven’t spent any real quality time with my kids that day. I’ve noticed all my kids are in a much better mood when i stop all the things, and actually give them my time. Everyone is happier.

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    1. Oh I feel you on that! My daughter asked once why I clean so much, made realize I need to take a step back and live in the moments with her.


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