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Open Letter To Moms

Being a Mom is the toughest job there is and it doesn’t come with instructions. So, its okay if you don’t have all the answers you’ll figure it out as you go (or at least you’ll try).

As a Mother you often hear “you’re not doing it right.” Whether this is said because you gave your little chocolate for breakfast or they stayed up past their “bedtime” the previous night. No matter the situation; it shouldn’t be said at all. Truthfully speaking there really is no specific way to “do it right” when it comes to Motherhood.

Hearing “you’re not doing it right” come from another Mother may make you feel like they could be right. You sit there and think of all the ways you “can” be a better Mother and start doubting your ability to manage your own littles. Its an awful feeling and that Mom who stated it should be ashamed. There is no way to define doing something right or wrong for your children. Motherhood should be done by what you feel is the best for you and your family.

To all of you Mamas, I see you struggling in the grocery store with your temper tantrum, fit throwing littles. Its tough to go unnoticed while your little is screaming because they would rather have those gummy bears in the cart instead of the strawberries (that you know they love). All the glares you receive from others who might be thinking “my kids know better than to behave in such manner.” Which by the way, congrats to you supermoms! I’m glad you have it all under control and your little is a perfect angel. But for us real Moms, it can be embarrassing. Yet somehow you will manage to continue on like the soldier you are carrying your bawling little through the rest of combat. I just want you to know that I understand what is happening because in fact I was you last week.

Motherhood comes in all different ways. Such as having a strict routine to having no routine at all. Singing ABC’s or putting on a little gangster rap to make you feel free for those short 3 minutes. You could be the mom who joins PTA or the mom who doesn’t. There are soccer moms, dance moms, and moms whos littles don’t do extra activities at all cause they aren’t interested or you just don’t have time. There is one thing we all have in common and that is – being a Mother is hard. All of the advice, books, and classes in the world would never be enough to prepare you for Motherhood.

So if you see another Mama struggling with a screaming little, shoot them a reassuring smile to let them know that it happens to best of us. If you accidentally left the extra change of clothes at home or forgot to bring some snacks because you left in a hurry. Just know you are not alone and that everything you are doing will always be what is best for you and your family.

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24 thoughts on “Open Letter To Moms”

  1. Love this, Krissy! So much truth in here. I am right there with you. Especially recently it feels like I get all the judgey eyes when I am out with my overactive and crazy 16-month old. Thanks for reminding me that I am definitely not alone in these feelings. You’re doing awesome, mama.

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  2. We worried way more about this with our first daughter than we did for our second daughter. Perhaps we were just immune to it by the second one. I’ve been “that guy” with the screaming child many times and have actually had people ask me if I could quiet my child. My response was “Sure I could quiet her by I’d rather have her screaming her head off in the middle of this restaurant. You are not alone by any means.

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  3. What a lovely letter for all Moms and a reminder that it’s okay to not have all the answers. We should have more messages like this, rather than the shaming that’s out there. Cheers!

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  4. No one ever tells you how hard parenting is! We are all doing the best that we can and most of the time we are ALL knocking it out of the park! By showing up, being available and self reflecting on how you are parenting you are being a wonderful parent. We all need to give ourselves a pat on the back (and an extra hug to our kiddos). Thanks Krissy for the reminder.

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  5. I don’t think there is no real way of “Doing it right” everyone adult and every child is different, what works for one parent/child might not work for another. I think the whole “mom shaming” thing needs to end. Great post!

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  6. Even though I have no children of my own, I can see how challenging it is to raise kids. There can be no place for crticism. Instead, there is a place for questions like: How can I support you?

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  7. Very lovely letter and inspiring for many mothers out there! Although I am not a mother, I can see how my mom and other women make so many efforts to be great moms for their kids, but all in different ways. And that doesn’t make a mother better than another one, like you wrote, all mothers share the same struggle and they go through it in different ways.

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  8. Thanks for this letter of encouragement. There are times I think I’m the worst mom. And fays when I feel, I’m not doing it right. This makes me feel better.

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  9. I’m not a mother, and I have no intention of becoming one. But I know how many moms are judged even for the method of childbirth. A friend had a c-section, to save her and the baby’s life, and other moms judge her to absolutely no end. It’s kind of ridiculous how much parents, especially moms, are judged. It’s sad too. I totally feel you when you talk about changing that by asking how to support another mom. I love that! I wonder just how many days we could all brighten by taking the time to ask that question.

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  10. Any new job is challenging till you slowly master the art. Motherhood surely would be the toughest. Every child is different and so there is no tried and tested method to be the perfect mother. I love it when you say that one should focus on being a great mother.

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  11. This is so encouraging and so much truth here! I’d like to think I have tough skin but I felt so small each time I was judged for my parenting. I like your idea of smiling at that mom who is struggling in the store. We have all been there and that is such a simple gesture to show empathy and support to others.

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  12. It’s the worst hearing “you’re not doing it right” from your own mother. Like getting a text message the next day after you’ve had them over, telling you that your house was a mess and you should pull yourself together and learn how to be a proper housekeeper. I think there are definitely areas where as moms, for our own sanity, we need to learn how to create boundaries with friends or family who tend to be the most negative.


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