4 Struggles Of Motherhood No One Talks About

I’m going to be real and raw because whether you like it or not that is what being a mom is all about. Of course being a mother has moments that are like rainbows and butterflies. However, if I’m being 100% honest most of the time it can be a circus that you can’t help but love at the end of each day. I mean, being a mom is tough (and of course that is something you are told) but no one tells you about the real life things that go down behind closed doors. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to portray a perfect mom life to anyone. I have my breakdowns. I throw my own little pity parties when no one is looking (or when everyone is looking). Hell, sometimes I feel like I’m the child in distress. That’s the beauty that comes with laying yourself down for someone who isn’t YOU. Entering motherhood you lose yourself a little (sometimes a lot) but whos to say that you won’t find yourself again. And when you do… You will find yourself in love with ALL aspects of motherhood.

1. You will do things that you said you would never do

Remember that huge list of things you told yourself you “wouldn’t” do before becoming a parent? Yeah, you will probably go against your own words and do the complete opposite of what you had planned. The best part about this is that in the middle of letting your kids eat ice cream for breakfast you will remember how you said you wouldn’t be “that” parent yet here you are being that parent. What can you do? Laugh. Laugh until you have tears streaming down your face. Why? Because this is the reality of parenting. Some days you just give in to things you thought you would never allow and that’s ok.

2. You will be tired for the next million years

You will literally NEVER sleep. But coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Funny thing is before having kids I hated coffee. Never drank it, never craved it. Now I absolutely need a cup of coffee every morning otherwise I will never make it through the day alive. You do the chores, cook, play games, drive to and from school, grocery shop, and even go to work. As tired as you are you push on through each day. And just when you think it’s time for bed you will lay awake until only God knows when thinking about all the things you have to do the next day (or if you’re anything like me anxiety will keep you awake). In the end, it will become something you get use to but I’m not lying when I say; you will always be tired as a mother.

3. You will cry tears of joy and you will cry tears of frustration

Everyday will be full of more emotions than you ever felt in your life. You will find yourself completely happy one minute and the next your wondering where you went wrong cause your child is throwing a fit over wanting the pink cup instead of the blue one. Yeah, who knew that the color of a cup would change the way your water tastes?! All the constant negotiation between you and your littles will get the best of you. And when you break down five times more than you did the day before that’s ok. You are human, which means you are allowed to feel. Motherhood will turn you every which way you could imagine. Yet you will find yourself wondering how so much love could fit into your heart that you will be humbled enough to forget all the little frustrations .

4. You will have days where you want to give up

There will be days that are hard, weeks that are hard, months that are hard. You will tell yourself over and over again that you just can’t take anymore of it. The house constantly feels full of chores and the mess never goes away no matter how much time you put in. Its an uphill battle of constant self doubt feeling like you aren’t doing good enough. Don’t worry though, every mom feels this at some point or another. You are not alone. My advice for you on those want to give up days is hide in the bathroom and cry while eating a piece of chocolate (that chocolate your kids don’t know about). At the end of the day giving up is not a choice because your whole family depends on you more than you know and honestly that feeling alone is pretty damn rewarding.

Motherhood is not a Pinterest board and its not an Instagram account that you follow. Social media will filter out all the bad that comes with the good and make it hard to be happy with how you live your day to day life. Motherhood is a struggle. Everything changes yet you are more “you” than you have ever been. Its beautiful.

Sometimes I feel like a bad mom, but all the time I feel like their mom. I carry their hearts in mine always and forever. You never know how strong you are until the only choice you have is to be strong.

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Much love,


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28 thoughts on “4 Struggles Of Motherhood No One Talks About”

  1. I needed to read this. I really needed to. I have been down lately and Corona isn’t helping at all. I love my kids but its hard!!!!!
    Your babies are cute and you are an amazing mom. Love ya.

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    1. 😭😭😭 I’m so glad that this was helpful for you right now! I’ve been going through it lately. I know we’re not alone. Thanks for reading and being there💘 you are an amazing mother as well, we got this. love ya to girl.


  2. I love rawness and authenticity!! All the best mom blogs share this quality…the raw aspects of life, I think, are the ones we actually end up looking back at with the most fondness… And damn, with or without kids, life can be difficult enough! It’s so important to get these reality checks that nobody lives a perfect life–and that that doesn’t make it any less beautiful!

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  3. So true. I feel all of this except for coffee. I’ve loved coffee since I was 14. And never go a day without it. And can’t imagine parenting without coffee. I don’t have even the quarter of energy my kids have. It’s insane trying to keep up with them.

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  4. I am not mother, but most of my friends are. And I hear about their struggles as well as their joys. I lost a good relationship with my mother when I entered my puberty years. She was going through a lot with her marriage to my father. She gave up on me. And so I eventually learned to give up on her. She was my bestfriend, but after that, I’ve started having bestfriends outside of the house. It is so hard to have a great relationship with her now. We’re just mostly civil. I know it’s tough being a mom, I’m not very sure if I ever wanna become one.

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  5. I don’t plan to be a mother and a lot of it is because I admit to being too selfish to want my whole world to be about a tiny human. I love my life and don’t want it to change. I think mothers are so strong and brave for allowing their whole worlds to change so that they can raise a tiny human.

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  6. I’m currently watching the show Little Fires Everywhere and it explores similar themes of how difficult and rewarding motherhood is. Really interesting!

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  7. I love every aspect of this post. You are 100% correct, motherhood is not an easy job. What gets me is no day is the same. Each day at some point, my boys make me angry but then can turn around and make me laugh so hard. I have given up my life for my boys and honestly, I would not want it any other way.

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  8. Being a mom is a tough job. Yet we make it harder on ourselves. We all feel like bad moms at time, yet our kids see us in a different light. Cut yourself some slack and know that you are doing the best you can, which is amazing ❤

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  9. I think more of my friends that are new mothers should give this a read. I love how you wrote “Motherhood is not a pinterest board, or an Instagram account you can follow”, because it is so true! We all believe in these photos that are one second out of someones whole day and who knows how long it took them to get that perfect photo!

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  10. Motherhood scares me. I don’t have kids yet, but I read a lot of things that parents, most especially mothers sacrifices a lot. It scares me but I know one day I would still want to be a mother. I salute you for that!

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  11. This is great! There is so much pressure on moms everywhere to be perfect, and it’s simply not realistic. Instead, why not embrace the ‘perfectly imperfect’ as you have done here – the things that may not quite be what you wanted them to be or how you thought they would turn out, but they are all part of your story.


  12. Yes to all four of these–usually every single day too! But at the end of the day you love those little ones so much that the difficulty fades into the night.



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  14. Such a beautiful post. It moved me! I go through the same things every single day. I love eating chocolates in the night after a tough day. Chocolates give me new hope 🙂 I love my kids and I get new strength every morning. Your kids are very cute.

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  15. Yes to everything you listed! I am so tired but life needs to go on. Motherhood never stops and never slows down!


  16. I’m not a mom but all my friends who are go through these struggles daily! You are looked down on if you voice these views by the perfect moms

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  17. I’m not yet a mother, so I appreciated reading this. I was surprised by some of these struggles. However, I’m sure it’s all worthwhile when you look at your children. Good thing I like coffee!

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  18. This is so real! THough I am not a mother yet, I have seen the difficulties and joy in motherhood through them.


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