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Hi everyone!

Well, everyone who *still* follows Life Chasing Littles!

It feels like it has been years since I took the time to sit down and blog. If I am being honest, blogging takes time, patience, and tons of effort. Not that it is a bad thing, but when you are a full-time mama, it can be extremely hard to find time for yourself – let alone blog. I have blogging on my mind 24/7, and I often revisit my page to read my old blogs. It truly inspires me. I feel like this is something I am potentially good at. This brings me to this new post!


It’s amazing how much you can lose yourself in motherhood. Like literally LOSE yourself. You become a ‘MOMbie’ and live day to day on repeat with your littles. When you talk to people you haven’t seen in a minute, they immediately skip asking how you are and ask all about your kids. Which I am 100% okay with – by the way – because my littles are my life. But seriously, on my hard days, I’m like; YO, HI, MEMBER ME?! UHHH, I BIRTHED THEM. THEIR MOTHER. A PERSON. YEAH. I EXIST AND I’M HERE TOO. Of course, I never say that, though. Just think on it super hard and move on. LOL. Lately, I have been trying to put in time for me. I have been focusing on eating right, attempting to work out, sleeping early, and waking up with the kids! It feels so freaking good to finally find time for me and put myself first in certain areas in my life. I am trying to be all around better, not only for me but also for my littles.

I feel the urge to say that it is perfectly ok to want to feel like a person, too. Because YOU are a person. I used to feel guilty about wanting to improve on me as a person. I used to feel shame and mom guilt for not always waiting on my littles 24/7. Honestly, though, how is that teaching them anything at all? I personally believe that there needs to be a balance. YOU MATTER TOO. How can your kids survive through the day if their parents aren’t at 100% in all aspects of their life? They need us the most, so its important to do what makes you feel happy, do what makes you feel accomplished, and do what makes you feel alive. I want my littles to learn to love themselves above all things in life. I want them to remember and know their worth. I want to teach them that loving yourself is such a privilege in a world that teaches you otherwise. The key to success is putting yourself first. And doing that IS okay.

Here are some ways I have been working on being better for me:

1. EATING RIGHT – I can’t stress this enough! I am putting my health first these days, and it feels so good. I’ve been overweight my whole life, so this is always going to be a mental struggle for me. I’m learning to rewire my brain and form a new and healthy relationship with food. It’s rough but so rewarding knowing my kids see what it can be like when you actually eat everything in balance. As much as I do it for me, I wholeheartedly do it for them as well. Health is wealth at this point & without that, my kids won’t have me. So eating right is a priority for me.

2. MOVING – Seriously, moving my body MORE. It’s literally as simple as that.

3. SLEEPING EARLIER – This has been a major shift in my life, but it was needed. No matter what time my kids go to sleep, they ALWAYS wake up at the buttcrack of dawn. It used to drive me insane cause WHYYYYY couldn’t they sleep in just a little for my peace of mind??? Uhhhh, cause their KIDS & kids do not sleep in. LOL. Once I figured this part out, the rest was cake. Sleep by 10pm and I’m up by 6:30am with no problems. I wake up energized and ready to tackle the day without the frustration of waking early with the kiddos cause I value my sleep!

4. GYM – Ok, so this has not happened quite yet, BUT it’s about to. I am READY to join the gym again, + I need the kids club for my littlest so I can put in work guilt free, without rushing, cause I know he’s chillin in the kids space. So I am putting this out into the universe, manifesting a gym membership for myself to get back on track with my healthy girl era!

So with that all that being said. Here are to new beginnings, lots of changes, self-love, and letting go. I am manifesting nothing but love and happiness for myself and my future. If I lose people along the way, I’m not sorry about it. There is clearly a reason why my life moving forward meant losing people. I don’t have the energy for anything other than to be a mother (which will always come above everything), a partner (going on 14 years this year💕), and focusing on ME. Follow along on my crazy journey (or don’t idc). Watch me change for the better!!

Much love, Krissy!


2 responses to “Back to me”

  1. I hear you Krissy! I was in that same boat! It’s amazing how much time we give to our kids – I mean, of course we do, but when they’re little it’s hard to find time for ourselves – I don’t think I ever mastered it! Now that mine are a bit older – I have lots of time for myself and I miss those days of being ‘wanted’ – can’t win right! But glad to hear you’re back and getting back on the right track – it’s crazy, but it does take a conscious effort to do!


  2. Hi! Over here expecting my fourth baby any day, but I have already learned that it is all about stages, and it does feel so good to get back to having time to think for oneself! I like the coincidence that you call your little ones “littles” too. 🙂


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