About Me

Hi, my name is Kristin better known as Krissy.

I am a 30 year old stay at home mama of 3 beautiful lil humans that forever have my heart. I am California born and raised, I mean is there any place better? (biased opinion of course 😜) I decided to start a blog based on my daily life chasing around my littles. Come and follow along!

One day while I was pregnant and bored I felt a sudden urge to start blogging. So I went in blindly and here I am.. My hopes behind this blog is to inspire others who are traveling down the same mom path as me. Here I will share all things (good and bad) that make motherhood a beautiful struggle. Yes, I said struggle. To be honest; we all know mommin’ ain’t easy. Yet, there is no better feeling than seeing your littles become all that you imagine and more. I am so excited I took this leap of faith into the blogging world. I don’t know where it will take me but I’m ready for a new adventure. I hope you enjoy all I have to share. Thank you for stopping by and seeing what this mama is all about!

Much love, Krissy!

A few of my favorite things!

Favorite color?

Uhhh does it really have to be ONE color? My all time favorites are green (all shades) and purple (again; all shades)! I remember being a kid and drawing out how I wanted my bedroom to look and everything was green and purple. Furniture included. 😂

Favorite Movie?

Too many to list but here are a few; Hocus Pocus, Just Friends, Lawless, The Man In The Moon, Mr. Deeds (or anything Adam Sandler is in), and I’m a sucker for all the cheesy romance movies.

Favorite Season?

I feel like this is such a basic answer but its FALL. All things fall… literally. Pumpkin spice, color changing leaves, Halloween, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving, sweater weather, the decor!! I’m telling you… Fall forever! Not to mention my birthday too.

Favorite Shows?

Once again, too many to list but here are 3 of my all time favorite. Vikings (Ragnar Lothbrooke has my heart forever), Last Kingdom, and Insecure.

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